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    Gradually, I became used to seeing the gentleman with the

    even this was not all, for Peggotty went on to say:

    that moment seated in awful state

    required promise, in a most impassioned manner; called upon

    David back—to take him back unconditionally, to dispose of him

    He did not touch her, or the chair from which she had risen, but

    I thought I had never seen Ham grin to anything like the extent

    upon it; and through a grating in this door we were surveyed when

    appearance all the while of keeping his red eyes dutifully on his

    and was never retracted; for when the month was out, Peggotty

    away myself But he checked me and said: ‘Should you like to stay

    Having laid in the materials for a bowl of punch, to be

    I expressed my thanks; and Mr Peggotty, after looking at Ham,

    ‘Is there anybody here for a yoongster, booked in the name of

    ‘And when, Agnes,’ said I, ‘will you forgive me the other night?’

    come to this here roof tonight, of all nights in my life,’ said Mr

    ironmongery—candle-boxes, and gridirons, and that sort of

    David Copperfield

    the nearest beds and on the floor

    wrong, or from his wish to set it right—I really feel almost

    load of apprehension, ‘forget your kindness!’

    you mind my calling you Daisy?’

    were, in the two parlours of the emptied house in Windsor


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